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How Industry Leaders Are Taking Advantage of FastSpring

Checkout and Store Integration

Our secure, multi-language, multi-currency eCommerce engine adapts to your preferred payment methods and perfectly integrates with your online store layout.
The checkout process itself has a visually appealing pop-up UI that keeps things simple and has proven success to increase shopping cart conversions rates.

Brand Customization

Your order pages are completely flexible to fit your brand and increase customer conversions. Customizable CSS styles that can be applied in whole or in part based on conditions you define give you full control of how your store looks and feels. Integrated A/B testing affords you the ability to test order page formats, shopping cart flows, cross-sell placements, and even checkout flows. You’ll never be in the dark when assessing how people are responding to your product. To top it off, if you feel something isn’t working, reach out to us and we’ll get back to you with timely, award-winning support around the clock.

Track and Maximize Success

FastSpring offers seamless integration with Google Analytics (as well as Omniture, WebTrends, and Google AdWords) so you can easily easily collect, analyze, and export website traffic data and have complete transparency over every phase of your customer’s conversion. Our platform’s analysis and testing capabilities will let you put that extra time into broadening your geographical reach and grow your online sales.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

"I had been getting about a 25% cart abandonment rate. In the first 3 weeks of FastSpring, the dropoff rate has been greatly reduced to less than 10%."
- Nicholas Hebb, BreezeTree Software
"The guys that formed the company are industry veterans coming from such giants as Google. And it’s been a pleasure working with them so far. Nothing is too much trouble; they have helped in absolutely every aspect of the integration, from designing order pages, configuring license key generation, emails, notifications – everything! All that, coupled with the kind of professionalism that every company should aspire to. Shouts out must go to Ken White & Ryan Dewell, who have been absolutely fantastic; emails are answered within minutes, and they are both incredibly knowledgeable about the whole spectrum of e-commerce and technology respectively."
- Peter Cox, CEO, Red27 Studios
"I must say FastSpring has been a pleasant surprise. We literally tested 8 different e-commerce solutions. With each one, we started with the intention of it being the one we would use. But, then, somewhere along the way, we would get stuck; or there were too many hurdles to get a particular feature to work; or customer support was too slow to respond; or it wasn’t possible to test the entire checkout experience (including the receipt of emails). And then we would move on to the next experience. FastSpring was the last one we tried – it is so much better than the others; there is no comparison. It’s almost as if whoever designed it had actually developed and sold software in a previous life, and knew exactly what a customer like us wants and needs to do."
- Steve Leytus, Principal, Nuts About Nets
"So far it appears FastSpring has increased my completed orders by around 10-20% over [the service I used previously]. My non-USA orders appear to be up to about 1/3 of my sales. I think this is where the most increase has occurred as [the service I used previously] made it difficult for non-USA customers—and they had marked many completed orders as "fraudulent" and refunded them."
- Michael McCulloch, Games for One
"I have changed to FastSpring and couldn’t be happier. Their system allows a fully customizable email to be sent to purchasers. Now I can send just the instructions needed to license Text2Go, which are now not much more than ‘click this link and you’re done.’ Their order page customization is also very flexible, although I don’t really make full use of this as. I have my own shopping cart page and just jump directly to the FastSpring checkout page. The FastSpring administrators’ interface is a joy to use. It has a gorgeous web 2.0 look and more importantly is very responsive. It’s layout is all very logical and it has really useful context sensitive help on each page. I found this was more than adequate and didn’t have to read through their user manual at all. FastSpring prides themselves on great support and that’s definitely been my experience. Their staff are all very knowledgeable and they respond within a few hours, even on weekends."
- Mark Gladding, Founder, Text2Go
"Working with FastSpring has been an incredible joy. In this age of impersonal transactions, the fact that one can actually communicate with caring individuals, who seem to love their job and their company, is not only refreshing but sets FastSpring lightyears ahead of the competition. Well done."
- Robert Sowah, CEO, idoodlesoftware inc

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