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5 Efficient Tactics for Recruiting (More) Affiliates

Posted by FastSpring staff ON October 16, 2017 AT 08:47 PM

Ideally, companies that are starting an affiliate program have also considered employing an affiliate manager or a dedicated resource to overlook the...

5 Ways to Prevent Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Posted by Jenn Kelley ON October 13, 2017 AT 04:31 PM

Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment is more common than you might think.  Studies show that a majority of shoppers abandoned their carts before...

Affiliate Management: 7 Incentives to Drive More Affiliates Sales

Posted by FastSpring staff ON October 11, 2017 AT 02:10 PM

Summertime means one thing to many people: vacation. It's no wonder that advertisers can expect their affiliate marketing sales to drop by as much as...

Using Customer Feedback to Shape your SaaS Products

Posted by Jay Hall ON October 10, 2017 AT 12:39 AM

You've worked hard to create a SaaS product that will offer value to prospective customers, but you're not achieving your conversion goals. What's...

5 Must-Have Internet Marketing Tools for SaaS Businesses

Posted by Stacey Bekas ON October 6, 2017 AT 05:10 PM

You've created a fantastic product, but it's not getting the attention you hoped for after you launched your SaaS business. Why? The intended...

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The Top 3 Mistakes in Mobile Payment Systems

Posted by Jay Hall ON October 4, 2017 AT 06:22 PM

As more and more consumers use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to shop, it has become increasingly important for savvy companies to...

8 Tips to Create an Indispensable E-Commerce User Experience

Posted by FastSpring staff ON October 2, 2017 AT 01:18 PM

From 2015 to 2016 total U.S. retail ecommerce sales increased from $294.45 billion to $322.17 billion. Trends suggest 2017 will top off somewhere...

5 More E-commerce Merchant Account Questions to Ask, Right Now

Posted by FastSpring staff ON September 29, 2017 AT 10:34 PM

Are you ready to launch your SaaS service, sell your app or distribute your digital download? In another post, we outlined six questions you should...

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