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The Power Of AI In Business: FastSpring Speaking Alongside SalesForce and Astronomer At Dreamforce

Posted by Brian Deignan ON November 3, 2017 AT 07:59 PM

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It continues to power the world, offering seamlessly integrated customer/user experiences and time-saving...

Case Study: How FastSpring Successfully Transitioned to a Self Service Model

Posted by Brian Deignan ON October 25, 2017 AT 05:37 PM

At FastSpring, we knew we had to modify some of our current processes to adapt to the new climate of online sales. In a world built around...

3 Reasons Your SaaS Store Will Be Obsolete In A Year From Now

Posted by Brian Deignan ON July 31, 2017 AT 08:27 PM

You've created a SaaS store you're proud of, but will it be relevant a year from now?  Technology changes quickly, and it's hard to keep up. How can...

Web Design Considerations to Increase Conversion Rates

Posted by Brian Deignan ON June 26, 2017 AT 08:46 PM

Everyone is working toward higher website traffic, but that number means nothing if the people visiting the site aren't converting. Whether visitors...

8 Ways SaaS Companies Can Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Posted by Brian Deignan ON June 12, 2017 AT 08:14 PM

E-commerce businesses measure success and growth through several different metrics, with one greatly outweighing the rest. LTV, or a customer’s...

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Brian Deignan

Recent Posts

Now That You've Chosen: Is Your E-Commerce Platform Provider Giving You the Cold Shoulder?

Posted by Brian Deignan ON June 2, 2017 AT 07:32 PM

A digital retailer's livelihood is dependent upon the technology used to run their business. After spending a lot of time researching an e-commerce...

E-Commerce Platforms for SaaS: The Benefits of Online Transactions

Posted by Brian Deignan ON May 15, 2017 AT 08:36 PM

If your SaaS company isn't taking advantage of online transactions with an e-commerce platform, it's time to consider adopting one.  An e-commerce...

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