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Jay Hall

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A/B Testing Shopping Carts For Optimization

Posted by Jay Hall ON September 14, 2017 AT 10:24 PM

Modifications to your website shouldn't be made on a whim. Instead, it's important that you conduct extensive A/B testing to determine whether the...

The Hidden Challenges of Proper PCI Compliance

Posted by Jay Hall ON September 8, 2017 AT 08:36 PM

Crime. That’s the main reason for PCI - payment card industry - standards. Thieves target credit cards, and as a result every business that deals...

Are Your Ecommerce Analytics Telling the Full Story?

Posted by Jay Hall ON August 28, 2017 AT 06:22 PM

Tracking analytics on any website offer a wealth of insight into the website's performance, which can be particularly helpful for ecommerce websites....

How Digital Content E-Sellers Grow Faster With Superior File Delivery & Management

Posted by Jay Hall ON August 23, 2017 AT 07:11 PM

Content production sellers, such as digital audio, video, photography, and other media sellers, have a unique and specific set of requirements from...

Why Automation And Personalization Aren't Polar Opposites

Posted by Jay Hall ON August 21, 2017 AT 06:01 PM

When someone interacts with your software, or reaches out to your company, you want the experience to be smooth and professional every time....

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Jay Hall

Recent Posts

Why Your SaaS Company Should Have A "Buy Now" Option On Your Site

Posted by Jay Hall ON August 11, 2017 AT 06:18 PM

There’s a reason Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and Facebook rely on “buy now” buttons: they work. In fact, Facebook dedicates an entire seller page to the...

SEO For SaaS: 10 Tips For Driving Organic Traffic to Your Website

Posted by Jay Hall ON July 26, 2017 AT 05:38 PM

  Three letters are crucial to your site’s success: SEO. Search engine optimization is basically making your website appealing to search engines,...

How to Get More Subscriptions For Your Product

Posted by Jay Hall ON July 21, 2017 AT 08:19 PM

Subscription billing is an increasingly popular option for customers and businesses alike. Your customers are happy to have the convenience,...

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