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5 Efficient Tactics for Recruiting (More) Affiliates

Posted by FastSpring staff ON October 16, 2017 AT 08:47 PM

Ideally, companies that are starting an affiliate program have also considered employing an affiliate manager or a dedicated resource to overlook the...

Affiliate Management: 7 Incentives to Drive More Affiliates Sales

Posted by FastSpring staff ON October 11, 2017 AT 02:10 PM

Summertime means one thing to many people: vacation. It's no wonder that advertisers can expect their affiliate marketing sales to drop by as much as...

Affiliate Management: The Key Metrics for Measuring Your Affiliate Program Success Explained

Posted by FastSpring staff ON June 14, 2017 AT 03:43 PM

The affiliate marketing channel, like any online channel, gives you access to comprehensive data-based traffic reporting. The metrics used when...

Take Your Affiliate Program From Autopilot To Active Mode

Posted by Stacey Bekas ON May 2, 2017 AT 09:15 PM

What's required to get an affiliate program up and running? First you need to get it set up on your platform, and define the process you will...

How to Prepare your Affiliate Program for the Shopping Season

Posted by FastSpring staff ON October 6, 2016 AT 07:21 PM

  October is here, and that means the most productive quarter of the year has just kicked off. By the way, did you know that according to the ADI...

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How to Handle Inactive Affiliates

Posted by FastSpring staff ON June 1, 2016 AT 03:51 PM

Do you ever ask yourself questions such as, “Why do I have so many inactive affiliates?”, “What is the most effective way to get activity from my...

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