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How to Benefit from Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Jenn Kelley ON November 15, 2017 AT 08:59 PM

Imagine this: A new customer is struggling to buy from your SaaS site. They started the process, got hung up on a detail, and gave up. Like 67% of...

Superhero Customer Support

Posted by Daria Leshchenko ON October 25, 2017 AT 04:05 PM

Customer support workers are the unsung superheroes of the working world today. So what does a support agent need to become a real-life superhero? ...

Why Subscription Management Is Good For Both You And Your Customers

Posted by Stacey Bekas ON June 16, 2017 AT 05:53 PM

Subscription billing can be a great option if your business is using top-notch subscription management software. In addition to keeping...

8 Ways SaaS Companies Can Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Posted by Brian Deignan ON June 12, 2017 AT 08:14 PM

E-commerce businesses measure success and growth through several different metrics, with one greatly outweighing the rest. LTV, or a customer’s...

Now That You've Chosen: Is Your E-Commerce Platform Provider Giving You the Cold Shoulder?

Posted by Brian Deignan ON June 2, 2017 AT 07:32 PM

A digital retailer's livelihood is dependent upon the technology used to run their business. After spending a lot of time researching an e-commerce...

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How To Avoid The Headache of Back-office Admin In Digital Commerce

Posted by Stacey Bekas ON May 22, 2017 AT 06:53 PM

  Growing a business is difficult enough without adding the burden of the back-office admin. How can an e-commerce organization ensure that tasks...

The Dangers Of An Overworked Developer

Posted by Scott Halstead ON April 26, 2017 AT 01:19 AM

You and your company have created great software, and it's thanks in large part to your developer. You're eager to continue down the path of further...

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