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Why Using Multi-Currency Makes Cents $$$

Posted by Scott Halstead ON May 10, 2017 AT 08:45 PM

The world is getting smaller as more people shop online, and it's far more likely that customers from around the world are visiting your site with...

SpringBoard Release Roundup: New Localization, Partner Reseller Stores, Support Articles

Posted by FastSpring staff ON June 17, 2014 AT 01:03 PM

Welcome to our new format for SpringBoard platform release notes. Each month, we will publish a summary of public-facing release features and...

SpringBoard Release Brings Croatian Localization, Wire Transfer Client Payments in INR & Status UI Enhancements

Posted by FastSpring staff ON January 28, 2014 AT 08:38 AM

Release Jan. 20, 2014 Croatian Localization SpringBoard continues to expand its localization and has added a full Croatian translation as of this...

SpringBoard Ad Tracking Improvements, New Reporting Export Functionality, New Dropbox Feature, & More

Posted by FastSpring staff ON January 11, 2014 AT 04:26 PM

Release Jan. 6th, 2014 Reporting UI Upgrade SpringBoard has improved the Reports > Exports UI. It is now in a listing format that better matches...

SpringBoard Moves to Rapid Release Schedule – Platform Updates November-December 2013

Posted by FastSpring staff ON December 18, 2013 AT 10:51 AM

SpringBoard, as you'll see with these bundled release notes, is now adhering to a more rapid release schedule, enabling faster turnaround of feature...

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New & Updated Support Documents

Posted by FastSpring staff ON October 23, 2013 AT 02:29 PM

To document the SpringBoard platform’s ever-growing capabilities, FastSpring continues to broaden and deepen its knowledge base — adding and updating...

SpringBoard Release Adds Invoice Branding, Pre-Checkout Email Capture, Discounts for Subscriptions and more

Posted by FastSpring staff ON September 15, 2013 AT 02:02 PM

Branding for Receipts/Invoices Purchase invoices/receipts can now be customized with your company logo. Logo addition to customer invoices/receipts...

SpringBoard Release Adds Dropbox Support, New Currencies and More

Posted by FastSpring staff ON June 28, 2013 AT 07:48 PM

Dropbox Added as File Fulfillment Option Dropbox has become omnipresent, a great lesson in branding, functionality and user experience – clearly the...

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