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With eCommerce growing at a 25% year-over-year rate, jurisdictions are doing everything in their power to ramp up their taxation efforts.

This ebook discusses the future of ecommerce taxes, covering topics such as:

• What it takes for software companies to handle their own taxes.
• A thorough analysis of a value-added tax (VAT) and how it works.
• A list of questions to ask your payment solutions provider about managing your taxes.

Taxation is catching up to online eCommerce transactions.

As time continues to pass, so will more jurisdictions surrounding this issue. Is your business ready to abide by these new taxes?

This ebook is designed to give you a basic perspective of the state of ecommerce taxes, and how your business can prepare for the upcoming changes.

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"In the EU law before 2015, VAT was based on the location of the business, but it is now based on the location of the customer. So the fact that FastSpring abides with EU laws is great! And I have had many EU based happy customers thanks to FastSpring's VAT coverage!"
- Daryl W., Computer Software Industry

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